Lare (freakspawn) wrote in pony_pals,

Hello Ponies :D

Just wanted to say I will be meeting up with Gardnersmate at Collectormania G-Mex early february, so if anyone wants me to pass on a message to her, please respond here and I will print it out and give it to her :D
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Oh wow... Gardnersmate! I remember Gardenersmate! I mean, I don't think they have a journal here (though there are still people from the ol' Pony on LJ who's pony names I've forgotten... bad me)... uh, yeah... just tell her I say "HI" I guess... haha.

Nah G'mate doesn't have a journal, I still talk to her via the Pony, I'll say hi to her from you though :)
Tell her we miss her!!!!!

Also, I heard from Voontah (I believe) that Sam's Garden is still being taken care of (thank heaven!). Find out what she's up to. *S*
Will do!

Yeah at the Pony they post piccies and stuff :D