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2006 Moot?

I was wondering if anyone has had any thoughts about a get together later this year? I had so much fun at Madison last year, and loads of fun at Bristol numerous times as well. I'm already taking a couple trips this year, but maybe others would be interested in going to these... or I could always plan another trip, but it couldn't be too far for me, as my funds will be quit depleted by the current plans.

Here are some ideas...

~I will be attending The Gathering of the Fellowship in Toronto, ON from July 1st-July 4th. I already have a room, and I'm going to be driving and have a little room in my car. This is, perhaps, not something that will workout for everyone... but if there is anyone else who wants to go, let me know! My roomie, Morgan, will most likely be going with me. You can find out more info about the event here ( it includes all sorts of stuff, including going to the LOTR Musical. You can get discounted rates if you volunteer or are on the committee.

~Bristol Ren Faire (July/Aug). I will definitely be going to this again this summer... if not numerous times! I'm sure many of us could meet there and maybe make an overnight trip of it? If not an overnight... heck, a day trip is just as nice!

~Wizard World Chicago (Aug)... it's right here for me, people can stay at my apt (not toooo many, though), and it'd be cheaper for a lot of people.

~Gen Con in Indy (Aug)... it's right by Ros, and it's a really, really fun con! I plan on coming down to it with Morgan, Liz and Steve! I think that JoN (had to use that name... hehe) goes to this a lot as well.

~Dragon Con in Atlanta (Labor Day Weekend)... I've never gone to this before, but I'm reeeeeally setting my sights on it for this year. It's the hugest costuming convention in the states, and I've wanted to go for quite some time. As of right now I have a room I'm sharing with others (whom I met on the X-Men cosplay board) and I bought a membership... but I still have no clue which way I'll be traveling there.

Any other ideas???
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