Lare (freakspawn) wrote in pony_pals,

Your help is needed! :D

I know so many Ponies out there have great photoshopping skills and Jules has asked if I can request some help here:)

She made this poster for the one and only Corn Mo, and we are going to be distributing it before he comes over in October, but it needs a little jazzing up! The words are Mo's own, so they should be kept, but can be moved around as you see fit:)

If anyone could help we would be most grateful:) poster here
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Cheers Lorna, (for the confused .. I am at work and shouldn't really be here at all!)

A little jazzing up? lol - it's basic info there only

*looks for faerie dust* ;) ... you girlies know Mo!Magic?! *G*

rosamundeb do not start!

there is an archive of a dozen or so photos ... not just that one. Mine is just an amalgamation of all the words that need to appear.

Mo provided us with the words especially when he just got up (us being the Common Rotation Street Team .. on a mini expansion sideways) It is a shame to let him down designwise - and yet .. at the moment - we must! The poster needs to be displayed all over Glasgow asap!
Me? *S*

I think it looks great!

Just 2 questions - does it have to be black and white? (the picture, especially) And... no matter what, the photo needs to be contrast enhanced. I could try that, but would have to do it later today.
:) nope .. I only do black and white because a lot of people dont have colour photocopiers to hand and dont want their inkjet printers to do overtime!

you saw the CoRo one? .. it's all flash and paintshop pretty - but sticking this one mext to it will look sad!

and thank you for your interest :D I know you love him really!
*crosses eyes and sticks tongue out*
you know you'll stay like that if the wind changes?

anyways - poster now sorted!! *phew*
what do you want done to it?
Well it is to be made into A5 flyers, so I think giving it a bit of snazz to grab people's attentions. At the minute it is a little basic....does that make any sense?
actually now .. tori_x has done the deed! huzzah!!

cant let the Mo down ;)!!