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Wizard World and Bristol

Hey all. Well, I figure that it's never too early to start planning.
So, the Wizard World convention in Chicago takes place August 5-7th. I want to try to combine my weekend and do both that and Bristol in one fell swoop.
I figure we could plan on doing the convention on Friday, August 5th, and Saturday, August 6th, and then attend the Faire on Sunday, August 7th (or we could switch it around if we need to play games with the weather).
How does this sound to everyone.
I know that it's a lot in one weekend, and some may not want to do one or the other, but the option is there. I'm probably going to post this to the Line Party in case anyone is interested. I want to get as many costumed LOTR fans to the con as possible, because this con isn't usually the hugest costume con, so I want us to make an appearance. :)

I can probably use my hotel discount to get us some cheap-ass rooms... probably find one for around $45 per night, and I can get up to two rooms... so that saves us some money right there. Also, if we get our con passes early enough they will be cheaper, I believe.

Who wants to do this? Does that weekend work ok?
I figure it would also work better to do Bristol in August this year since we are just getting together in late June... that would make doing it in July probably too early for us.
So, please let me know if you plan on attending one or the other or both of these things, because I'd love the company.
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