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Hey all! Remember Broc? He frequented the Old Pony and had a huge thing for Miranda Otto!?
Well, he's a regular over at the Lady of Rohan message boards. I love this kid! He's awesome. He posted some pictures of himself, and ya know what? He looks like Prince Harry! He posted a comparison picture too. We, along with one other girl, have started a Rohan RPG over there. It's going rather well.
The boards are going well on my site, but slow. We have a small, but close knit, group of people. It kinda reminds me of the old pony.
Hey Dee... Broc has been asking about you on occassion... he wonders where you went :)
Well, this was just a post to give you an update on one of the old Ponies. Feel free to stop by my boards if you want. They are fun, and still quite small, so much building can be done :)
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