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2005 plans to come!

I know, I know, I'm crazy, right? Well, I'm already planning things out in my head for this year... it helps me start to realize that I need money. If I get this second job then it shoud be no problem paying my bills and saving up money for a trip.. so bring on the second job! Anyway, I was thinking that for August we could make the Bristol Renaissance Faire and the Wizard World Convention for the same weekend so that we could do both! Like that idea?

So, the Wizard World convention is Augst 5,6,7... that's a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was thinking, what if we did the convention on Friday and Saturday (or just Saturday if you can't do both), because that's when most of the big guests are there. Then, we could go to Bristol on Sunday. Sound good? We could get a hotel near the convention center... and, hey, if I get the job at the Holiday Inn, I may get some sweet ass hotel discounts... so cross your fingers for that!
How does that sound for people!? I know that for me, personally, if I want to do both it would have to be in the same weekend.

And... what about the costume exhibit in Indianapolis? I think I'd prefer to go during the beginning half of it's run because as we get closer to winter the driving might get bad. Plus, who knows, there may be some opening weekend banquets or something... so I'll keep my eyes peeled for something like that.

Anywho... cheerio!
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